Join DMIExpo Marketing Conference In 2019


DMIExpo is a digital marketing conference as introduced at and expected to be one of the biggest marketing events at the end of 2019. The 2-day expo will take place on November 24-25 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The biggest names of the digital marketing field and the affiliate community will meet during these two days to exchange ideas, to share know-how and experience, and to find their new partners in various fields.

The conference is expected to be a huge event mainly because of the solid reputation of the team behind it. They’ve worked together for more than 21 years and have organized more than 65 expos and conferences since 2008. The quality and value of the event cannot be overlooked.


What Does DMIExpo Have To Offer?

If you’re a part of the digital or performance marketing fields or have an invested interest in them, this conference is the place to be. As an attendee, you’ll meet executives, affiliates, partners, professionals, lead-generation experts, and other like-minded people.


The conference aims to gather professionals and novices alike, and help them expand their horizons, find new opportunities, and meet their new partners. DMIExpo gives you a first-hand experience in the world of digital and affiliate marketing, giving you access to talks, panels, and presentations covering a multitude of topics.

The names that will be present at the expo cover a wide range of industry specialists and professionals you can hardly get in touch with without a proper occasion. The biggest names of the industry will be there.

During the two days of the DMIExpo, you can expect to get:

1. Ideas of high value, generated by industry experts and presented in an accessible manner;
2. An experience without distractions, pushy commercial, and dazzling promos – you’ll get the meat of the industry, raw as it is;
3. Access a wide range of more than two dozens of panels and conferences held by international leaders in the digital marketing filed;
4. An experience that is both enlightening, filled with opportunities, and fun.


What You’ll Get From The Expo?

As a participant in the 2-day event, you’ll get to enjoy luxury meals, carefully planned networking events, compliments and gifts form the expo. You’ll also have the ability to leave feedback and influence the way the convention carries out because it’s all about the attendees.

In addition, you’re also entitled to receive digital copies of the talks and presentations where possible so that you can give them all of your attention and gain the most out of them.


Who Is The DMIExpo Valuable For?

Practitioners of online marketing, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, and vendors stand to gain a lot from attending the conference. Here you might meet your new partners, turn ideas into reality, and find your rightful place in the industry.

If you can see yourself in one of the following fields, regardless of how experienced you are, it’s definitely worth it giving the DMIExpo a thought. It is suitable for:

  • Online & Digital Marketers;
  • Affiliate Marketers;
  • Viral Marketing;
  • Ad Sales;
  • Ad Serving;
  • Web Analytics;
  • Bloggers & Blogging Practitioners;
  • Communications Specialists;
  • Email Marketers;
  • Online Publishers;
  • Online Recruiters;
  • SEO & SEM;
  • Search;
  • Mobile & SMS Marketers;
  • Website Design;
  • Internet Accessibility/Usability.

The digital marketing conference that is DMIExpo is truly a place to meet your new partners and join forces with the behemoths of the industry. Think of the opportunities that would open for you?


Prices & Tickets to Attend

You can get two types of tickets to attend the 2-Day event – for individual affiliates and company representatives. The prices can rise the closer we get to the event, but the good news is that if you purchase online instead of at the door, the price will be heavily discounted. Here are the choices you have and what you’ll get:

1. Affiliate Ticket for $295 (costs $995 at the doors) – only for active affiliates:

  • 2-Day Expo Access (November 24-25);
  • Access to 23+ Quality Speeches & Panels;
  • Access to Materials for Download;
  • Access to Networking Receptions & Events;
  • Advanced Event & Networking Mobile App;
  • 2 Days of Full Luxury Israeli Breakfasts & Lunches;
  • 2-Day Access to Espresso Bar;
  • Identification as an Affiliate.

2. Company Ticket for $495 (costs $1,295 at the doors) – for companies or representatives of companies that can be identified as an advertising network, affiliate network, media, agency, or traffic company, service providers or tech companies:

  • 2-Day Expo Access (November 24-25);
  • Access to 23+ Quality Speeches & Panels;
  • Access to Materials for Download;
  • Access to Networking Receptions & Events;
  • Advanced Event & Networking Mobile App;
  • 2 Days of Full Luxury Israeli Breakfasts & Lunches;
  • 2-Day Access to Espresso Bar;
  • Identification as a Company;
  • Company Name will be listed in the Event Handbook and on the Website, along with the company Logo.

You can also take advantage of group discounts set as follows:

  • 20% Discount for 5-9 passes;
  • 25% Discount for 10 or more passes.

This is an event that can hardly be matched by others in the world of digital marketing. It is one of the biggest expos you can visit, that will expand your horizons and open you to numerous opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to participate. See you at DMIExpo 2019!


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