8 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks


Good SEO can shoot your content to the top results on Google. And this is what every business wants for itself. Business owners pay tons of money to provide quality and fresh content so that Google likes them. But on-page SEO is not gonna cut it, not when SEO changes every day.

This is where off-page SEO comes in. In the form of backlinks. This is a very old concept, widely used in Search Engine Optimization to this day. Over the years, the search for quantity has shifted to the search of quality for these backlinks.

In their essence, those are links that lead to a webpage. They bring link juice if they haven’t been tagged as no-follow. This exact link juice is what boosts your website’s authority and helps you rank higher on Google.

But building backlinks is an effective strategy only if you can acquire quality links from websites with good authority. If the backlinks come from ‘bad’ sites, you will look bad to the algorithms of Google, potentially dropping in the rankings.

Getting quality backlinks is one of the biggest challenges of SEO. Here are some tried and tested ideas for you.

Engage With Quality Content


There’s nothing better for your SEO than quality content. This is content that will engage your visitors, it will provoke them. The quality of the content is determined not only by the lack of misspellings or grammatical errors.

Can your content solve problems for your visitors? Is it insightful, does it contain useful tips? Do you provide your visitors, target audience, and potential clients with in-depth content, that is both textually good and visually engaging?

If you manage to publish fresh, unique, and engaging content, people will create backlinks on your behalf. Not only Google will like you better by publishing regularly, your readers will share your content on social media or other platforms. Thus generating traffic to your website.

Post On Multiple Platforms


Create fresh and unique content for your website or blog. But don’t underestimate the power of diversity. Create additional content for platforms like LinkedIn, SlideShare, various social media platforms, Medium, etc.

Post unique content to these websites. They have great authority and the link juice you’ll be able to generate by sending people to your website through backlinks on them is invaluable. But always remember to keep it fresh! Don’t copy or spin content, Google does not like that.

You can also add your website or blog to different public directories when building your backlinks strategy.

Imitate the Competition


There’s a multitude of software tools and solutions for SEO that allow you to spy on your competitors. These will help you research them and see where they get their backlinks from. This can be very helpful if you have no idea where to start. You will be able to examine different aspects of their backlinks, including the sites they come from, the authority of those sites, the additional traffic that is generated.

You will virtually have a done-for-you link building strategy in that way.

Guest Blogging & Posting


Guest blogging can be either paid or free. More often than not, it is free. You simply have to find blogs that allow for guest posts and are related to your niche. They will usually have a specific section dedicated to guidelines and rules for guest blogs.

Make sure you’re familiar with the guidelines provided to you and that you can follow them. And make sure you will be able to provide fresh and unique content for the guest post, otherwise, the owner of the blog might refuse to post it for you.

And if you get a bad reputation with one blogger, you might get the same with the rest of them.

Sponsored Posting


This is probably the most expensive way to approach building backlinks. If you’re willing to purchase sponsored posts, then you need to consider how much budget you can spare for that.

Sponsored posts are purchased from reputable media outlets, magazines, newspapers, various websites, etc. They offer you a place for a PR with a link leading back to your website. These links are extremely valuable, that’s why people spare budgets for getting them. They bring link juice from reputable websites with good authority and incredibly boost your SEO ranking.

Of course, PRs and sponsored posts are not the best course of action for every business out there. And you need to consider your niche and whether you’ll be able to reach your target audience with these sponsored posts.

Domain Authority


Sometimes, your link building process will begin even before you have a website. This happens with your choice for a domain. Sometimes, great domains with amazing authority and already available backlinks expire and can be bought.

This inherited authority can be of great use for you. But how do you discover such domains? There are SEO tools that can aid you with that. Do keep in mind, though, that some expired domains with inherited authority might be sold for a pricey sum.

Link Building Outreach


The concept of Outreach when it comes to link building is a bit tricky, and not everyone concerns with that. With outreach, you contact people, authors, bloggers in your niche and convince them you can provide them with better more polished content. Or offer them to rewrite some of their existing content and improve it.

This is the basis on which you can ask them to link to your website. This is going to be a relationship based on trust and familiarity, and you truly need to make an effort with your content for them if you want to get results.

Reach out to Influencers


Influencers are a part of efficient marketing campaigns and they are not going anywhere. Some industries cannot rely on such, but if yours can have influencers, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Influencers usually have a well-established reputation and a huge following base, and you can take advantage of that, with the effect being extremely positive. Of course, it is up to you how you’ll convince people to support you on social media. There have to be good incentives, even if they are not cash-related, to attract influencers.

You also need to make sure the products and/or services you want them to promote for you and link to have good quality. Influencers are staking their own reputation when agreeing to help you, do not underestimate that.

Ready to Begin Link Building?

Even though link building might sound challenging, it is something you need to do if you want to outrank your competition. Backlinks coming from quality websites and bringing back tons of good link juice are crucial for SEO competitiveness.

There are dozens of ways to go about this, regardless of your SEO budget. So don’t worry if you don’t have too much money to purchase sponsored posts, there is still a way for you!

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