2019’s Guide to Marketing Trends


The rapid development of the Internet gave a real makeover to the marketing world. Thanks to it, now there are more, easier, and cheaper ways to reach your target audience. But it’s also made holding its attention a hard, if not impossible, task.

That’s why you need to get creative your online marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man team for your own product or a marketing agency trying to get results for its clients. You need to step up your game.

Be it with Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing tools, you will not be able to dominate the industry and stand out from your immediate competitors if you’re not up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.



If your product or service allows for a personal approach, use it. The best way? Show your face. Video content has become one of the most engaging marketing approaches. Start vlogging. Share your stories, tell about your product, demonstrate it.

Keep in mind that this will require of you lots of resources and efforts. You need proper equipment, editing software, the skills to do it in the first place. Alternatively, you can pay someone to help you. But in each case, you will have to spare a significant budget for that.

Regardless of that, if vlogging fits your niche, the rewards will be significant.



I’d like to separate this part, because it is not about vlogging or showing your face. This approach is a bit easier than making it personal. Creating short viral videos for social media channels can turn out to be crucial this year.

Ask questions, provide information, provoke, and amuse with your video content. Don’t limit yourself to YouTube or Facebook. Instagram is growing rapidly and with InstaStory and IGTV you can reach your target audience at any moment and quickly.

You can easily shoot or create such videos yourself. There are even solutions for social media that offer video packs with Done-For-You content. Other tools allow you to quickly and easily edit them. Then simply click upload and you’re done.



Some niche markets win the most out of static visual content. Photos, pictures, infographics are all ways to engage with your potential and current customers. You can showcase your products through moodboards and lookbooks, or deliver tons of info in concise and interactive ways with slideshows or infographics.

Visuals are known to attract more attention than plain text. So even if you do have large articles to share, simply spice them up with pictures.


There’s nothing worse in a saturated global economy than someone forcing your hand and pushing you to buy something. Give your customers a choice, show them you respect their ability to choose, and entice them gently into a purchase.

You can achieve that with the so-called pre-landing pages. A pre-lander is a page where your target audience is directed before actually being sent to the sales page.

Some marketers frown upon pre-landers, but in 2019, this is a great way to support conversions, of course depending on your niche. Pre-landers can be packed with info and visuals, to help ease the decision-making process of your target customers.



Podcasts have become extremely popular, some people making a business out of this alone. But this is a tricky marketing approach, as there are many requirements, more even than when it comes to vlogging.

Because podcasts don’t show your face, there are no visuals whatsoever, your content needs to be extremely valuable and of truly high quality. This is not an approach applicable to every niche and you need to consider it carefully, as to not waste money on something that won’t work for you.

But if it fits your niche and you can afford the financial part of creating a podcast, the results it will yield in terms of a following, engagement and interest in your brand and products, will be extremely satisfying.



Chatbots are nifty little social media marketing tools that most businesses today use. They might sound a bit detached, but with the right settings and tweaking, you can be in constant touch with your website’s visitors and clients.

Chatbots have the capability of transferring conversations or putting them on-hold if the matter requires a human response.

In 2019, everyone’s in a hurry and there are million other things you need to do in order to keep your business afloat and ahead of the competition. These tools can help you keep track of your customers and engage with them, significantly reducing bounce rates.



People are exhausted from all the content and ads thrown into their faces. It gets harder and harder to reach them, with all the available Ad Blockers and the increasing knowledge of cookies and how to free ourselves from them.

In 2019, you will need more incentives to turn people from your target audience into paying customers. One great approach to that is offering up locked exclusive content in exchange for their email or other bonuses if they share your posts.

Organize games, give out promo codes and bonuses. Even in very small amounts, they will be effective. Because people like to get free stuff they are interested in.

Such an approach can help you build email lists, gain more exposure, and retarget people, depending on the actions they’ve taken.

Ready to Market Like a Pro?

2019 is filled with lucrative opportunities and ways to make the markets work for you. But it depends on how efficient your marketing strategy is going to be. I hope you’ll find the listed hot marketing trends helpful.

Consider the niche you’re in, look at what your competitors are doing, go as far as subscribing for their social media channels and newsletters. You will find inspiration, but most importantly – you will see what’s working for your niche. Because if someone’s doing it constantly, it must be yielding results.

And keep learning. Marketing is an ever-changing field, due to the rapid developments of the global economy and online commerce and businesses. If you don’t follow the trends, if you’re not aware of them, you’re bound to lag behind your competitors. And no one wants that.

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